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Welcome to the guild website for Death Magnetic (Darrowmere)!

Who we are: We are a small, level 4 guild right now, but we're looking for more members to join. We're a very friendly, helpful, tight knit group, and we get along really well. We are currently gloriously drama free, and would prefer to keep it that way.

Our goals: We would like to start doing dungeons, raids, and rated battlegrounds. We would also like to level our guild and get all the guild related achievements and rewards.

Who we're looking for: We are mainly looking for people who are friendly and active. If you're those two things, we'd be happy to have you. We would like to start recruiting people who also want to do dungeons, raids and rated battlegrounds. We're happy to help our members gear up, and prepare for these things as much as possible. We would also love to recruit some people who have good knowledge and plenty of experience with heroic dungeons and raids and rated bgs, as we are somewhat lacking in that department. 

What we have to offer: We have a well stocked guild bank with 6 tabs (plenty of level 60+ and 80+ gear), we offer guild funded repairs (which we encourage our members to use so we can get the achievement), and have vent. We also have draws every monday evening for our active members. The prize is usually 500g or a rare pet. We also offer 2 very active, helpful leaders.

A little about the leaders: The guild is run by me (Amarula) with my husband (Ordell) being second in command. We are very helpful and almost all evenings and weekends, at least one of us will be online. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact either of us, and we'll do our very best to help you out. We want to create a friendly, fun, helpful, and respectful environment for our all of our members.

To Join: Just message Amarula or Ordell on the Darrowmere realm, or ask one of our members. Thanks for your interest!
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Web Site Up and Running!!

AmarulaDMGM, Mar 20, 11 12:57 AM.
Our webpage is officially up and running! If you have any suggestions for content, just message Amarula or Ordell!
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Darrowmere (PvE)
Death Magnetic is recruiting players of all levels and classes.
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